40 x 13'- Age Group 8 - 12 

This series follows the lives of the Fifth class children of Ballybraddan Primary School. Maturing fast, these boys and girls are trying to find their place in the world. Each child has their own obst


Boj & Buddies   

50 x 11’ - Age Group 3 - 6 

Boj, a rare marsupial from the Australian Outback, has moved to Giggly Park, where he lives in an underground burrow with his musical parents, Mimi and Pops. There's always something new for young Boj


Dorg Van Dango  

52 x 11' - Age Group 6 - 11 

Life is full of “changes” when you turn thirteen. Voices start to wobble, the odd pimple might appear, or, if you’re Dorg Van Dango four magical beings crash land in your backyard, b


HERSTORY Animations  

6 x 2' - Age Group 7 - 12 

RTÉ Young People’s commissioned six original Irish animations, each telling the story of one inspiring Irish woman. The women featured in each animation were nominated by schoolchildren fro


Hungry Bear Tales  

Writer: Treehouse Republic, Bionaut  

26 x 7' - Age Group 6 - 10 

An animated comedy series about two bears who both have a very sweet tooth! Meet Ned & Mikey who don’t mind getting into trouble, as long as it gets them something good to eat! Ned and Mikey


Inis Spraoi  

50 x 7’ - Age Group 3 - 6 

Everyday, Sean, Roisin and their friends hop on board the yellow school-boat piloted by skippers Seamus and the seal that will bring them to the island of Inis Spraoi, a magical island full of fun and


Kiva Can Do  

52 x 11' - Age Group 3 - 6 

Kiva is a five-year-old girl who knows how to make her own fun and whose imagination knows no bounds. Along with her best friend, Saul Dunne and her dog Angus (whom Kiva built out of shoeboxes and pa


Mya Go  

Writer: Piranha Bar  

104 x 5.30' - Age Group 3 - 6 

Mya Go is a young girl with a lot of infectious enthusiasm. Since the age of two, her catchphrase has been Mya Go! Mya Go play, Mya Go beach, Mya Go shop! With her fearless sense of adventure, wheneve


Nelly and Nora  

40 x 7' - Age Group 3 - 6 


Two young sisters spend their holidays at the family’s mobile home in a beautiful camping park. Join Nelly & Nora outdoors, having exciting adventures and making a lifetime of memories.



52 x 4’ - Age Group 3 - 6 

This poetic non-dialogue show tells the adventures of a little owl named Ollie and his friends as they explore the quiet city park that is their home.



Writer: Paper Owl Films 

104 x 11' - Age Group 3 - 6 

Pablo is a 52-episode live action and 2D animation series, and tells the story of a five-year-old boy on the autism spectrum, who uses his creativity – and magic crayons – to invent an ima


Peek Zoo  

26 x 7' - Age Group 4 - 8 

Welcome to the fun-filled world of Peek Zoo, where a warm and engaging cast of characters, both human and animal, embark on a series of hilarious adventures that will make children laugh, think and le


Puffin Rock  

79 x 7' - Age Group 3 - 6 

Narrated by Chris O’Dowd, Puffin Rock is a funny, playful natural history series about a family of puffins living on a wild and beautiful Irish island. The series follows a young puffin named Oo



52 x 28' - Age Group 8 - 12 

Roy causes mischief and mayhem in this hilarious show about his life in the real world. He lives in an ordinary house on an ordinary street and inside he feels like an ordinary kid, but the trouble is


Sir Mouse  

26 x 11' - Age Group 6 - 9 

Sir Mouse is a comedy TV series for girls and boys, about the unusual friendship between a bossy knight, Sir Mouse and her forgiving, gentle friend Dragon. Each episode tells a daring tale about two h


The Day Henry Met  

78 x 5' - Age Group 3 - 6 

In the preschool series from Irish animation studio Wiggleywoo’s, Henry a 4 year old inquisitive young boy meets someone or something new in every episode (a postman, a knight and the moon) and


The Wildernuts  

26 x 7’ - Age Group 3 - 6 

The Wildernuts are a lively crew made up of their intrepid leader, Cap’n Quilty, cabin boy Ludo, ship’s cook Scrunch, look-out Tuchi and ship’s mascot Smidgeen. Come join this fun-lo


Urban Tails  

26 x 2’ - Age Group 4 - 8 

“Urban Tails” is the ultimate Music Show starring Awesome Animals from YOUR city. Each episode is a brand-new music video filled with funny factual character driven content, inspired by th


Zig and Zag  

26 x 11' - Age Group 6 - 9 

Zig and Zag are alien twin brothers who crash land in suburbia and set up home. On their fun filled adventures they make the most of what planet earth has to offer, with death defying stunts, crazy in