Bridget & Eamon  

26 x 30' 

Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O’Shea are back for a third season of the award winning comedy series.


Des Bishop: Breaking China  

6 x 30' 

This series follows the adventures of Irish-American writer and comedian Des Bishop as he moves to China for a year...


Finding Joy  

S1: 6 x 30' S2: 6 x 30' 

Joy Morris is back! She’s found herself and been reborn. Encouraged by the popularity of her stint as a stand-in lifestyle guru, Joy has started her own channel with Stan on camera and Emer on e


Hardy Bucks  

20 x 30 

A circle of young men entertain vague ambitions involving quick cash, women and showbiz in this mockumentary on small-town Irish life.



2 x 25' 

Killinaskully is a hilarious sitcom created by and starring Pat Shortt. Killinaskully is set in an Irish village with more village idiots than anywhere else in Ireland.


Podge & Rodge  

10 x 30’ 

Podge & Rodge, two of Ireland’s most famous puppets host a brand new season of celebrity chat, music and comedy. Featuring interviews with Charlotte Crosby, Rory Cowan, Josh Patterson fro


The Fear  

24 x 25’ 

You can hide but you cannot escape The Fear! This risqué hidden camera show sees unsuspecting members of the public accosted by an assortment of weird characters with hilarious consequences.


There's Something about Patrick  

1 x 52’ 

Comedian Neil Delamere travels the country to meet experts, historians and St Patrick's Day revelers, to discover the truth about our patron saint.



12 x 25' 

This new RTÉ comedy-drama series explores the relationships between the four members of a table quiz team in a small town in Monaghan as they close in on victory for 52 consecutive weeks.


Val Falvey  

6 x 25' 

Val Falvey (Ardal O'Hanlon) is a recently elected member of Parliament who lives in a small town in middle Ireland.


Vogue Williams – The Afterlife  

1 x 60' 

In 2010 Vogue Williams lost her father and, at a relatively young age, she was forced to consider: is death really the end?


Vogue Williams - Wild Girls  

3 x 60' 

Vogue Williams goes in search of the women who’ve broken the rules and are living their lives on the edge of “normal”.