All Aboard  

15 x 6' - Age Group 6 - 12 

This family adventure is set on the beautiful barge ‘Tig Beatha’ as it drifts along the old canal. Sisters Muireann (9) and Caoimhe (7) are our hosts along with their parents Mick and Tris


Ár mBia Ár Slí   

60 x 4' - Age Group 8 - 12 

Our Food, Our Way. In kitchens all over Ireland our eager cooks conjure up their favorite dishes in a series of upbeat short form episodes for both TV & online that will have young audiences bing


Body Brothers  

30 x 11.5' - Age Group 5 - 8 

Cormac and Cian are fascinated by the most amazing machine in the universe: the human body! They love coming up with dances about different body parts - from the brain to the bum! Auntie B is an inve


Bright Sparks  

15 x 10' - Age Group 3 - 6 

Bright Sparks is a series following the adventures of nine friends as they have fun, solve mysteries, learn and play in their Bright Sparks neighbourhood. Four humans, a dog, an owl, a robot, kittens


How To Do Everything  

20 x 7' - Age Group 4 - 7 

Set in a beautiful magical garden, filled with rabbits, squirrels butterflies, and the occasional visitor from another world How to do Everything shows kids in a simple 5 step guide how to do everythi



10 x 11' - Age Group 8 - 12 

Insiders explores the wow science behind the cool events and venues that kids love. Whether it’s one of the biggest match days of the year at Croke Park or a thrilling trip to one of Europe̵



20 x 10' - Age Group 4 - 8 

JourneyCam is an exciting series about the world around us, where children show us the fun and interesting things they encounter on their everyday journeys. Each episode features a child on a journey


Let's Find Out  

20 x 15' - Age Group 4 - 7 

Science entertainment series set aboard the Curiosity spaceship with alien puppet Zoom and scientists Mark and Ciara. Every show features two small children with a big question who are “teleport


Living with a Fairy  

30 x 6' - Age Group 3 - 6 

In this enchanted children’s series, we meet storyteller Jay whose life gets turned upside down when a mysterious fairy comes to live with him after her house was destroyed in a storm. He welcom


Tír na nÓg   

21 x 15' - Age Group 3 - 6 

In this magical land populated by fairies, animals and puppets, our Hero, Oisín gets caught up in events that make him to discover and "accidentally" learn how to accomplish, communicat


Wild Kids  

15 x 15'- Age Group 7 - 12 

Join the Wildlife Warriors as they explore different habitats up and down the country, from the coast to the city, discovering the plants, animals, bugs, birds and bees that live around us.


Wonder What?  

29 x 6' - Age Group 5 - 7 

Wonder where your baggage goes to in the airport or how bridges are engineered to raise up for boats. Wonder What is all about how things work, and satisfies all curiosities.