A Claddagh From Manuela  

1 x 52’ 

On 8th October, 2007, Arlette and Hans-Peter Riedo from Berne in Switzerland experienced every parent's nightmare. Their only daughter, 17 year old Manuela, was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in Ireland, just two days after she left her Swiss home for the first time alone. To make matters worse, Manuela was murdered in a foreign country where they did not speak the language. They had to endure the torture of an investigation and the eventual trial and conviction of Manuela's killer, without fully understanding what was going on.

This documentary tells the story of Arlette and Hans-Peter Riedo from the time they received the news of Manuela's murder to the present day. This is the story of how love and compassion can improbably transcend boundaries of language, culture and grief, to bring light where there is darkness and despair. The Riedos remain broken people. Nothing will ever fill the void left by Manuela's death. But thanks to their own spirit and the generous outreach of local people, they are no longer without hope.

Production Company:
An RTÉ Production