Baz, the Lost Muslim  

2 x 60' 

Emmy Award winner Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy) presents this compelling and entertaining 2-part personal journey into Islam - the faith of his late Egyptian father, into which he himself was born but which he has never really understood.

Even before the recent atrocities in Paris, Baz Ashmawy realised that to immerse himself in Islam wasn’t an obvious move, given this year’s horrific events. Even so, in the autumn of 2015, he decided that it was time to get to know the faith of his late father.

He wants to find out for himself about Islam and the ways the world sees it today. Through meetings, prayers, meals, discussions and interviews with Muslims in all places and of all ages. To them, Baz is much more than a journalist or presenter. He’s a Lost Muslim. He needs to be welcomed, taught and encouraged. But Islam is no spectator sport. You live it and Baz shows
himself willing to do just that.

Production Company:
A Brown Bread Production for RTÉ