2 x 25' 

Killinaskully is a hilarious sitcom created by and starring Pat Shortt. Killinaskully is set in an Irish village with more village idiots than anywhere else in Ireland. The show follows a madcap cast of characters, many of whom are played by Pat Short and include;

Willie Power, the local politician, wheeler and dealer, fixer and chairman of every committee imaginable in the tiny village. A master stroke-puller, he is capable of turning any situation to his advantage and is easily excitable when someone tries to oppose him, particularly his arch-rival Larry Cummins.

Dan Clancy is an almost permanent fixture in Jacksie's Bar, the local pub. Clancy is the local council on all things, claiming to know everything about everything even though most of what he knows is inaccurate. His trips to the toilet have become a regular gag on the show; he must "go and strain the spuds". Rarely to be seen without his two sidekicks, drinking buddies and partners in crime Jimmy Bourke and Timmy Higgins.

Goretti is the flirty protestant proprietress of the Mount Bernadette B&B. A mistress of the double entendre, she has lived alone since the mysterious disappearance of her husband, the magician Mossie The Magnificent. In her spare time she is the leader of the local power walking group.

Pa Connors is a member of the travelling community with a keen eye for business, he has a brother, also called Pa Connors.

Dieter Langer is a former German filmmaker and a of the singer Johnny Logan. He operates his Dieter's Driven Deli through the village from the back of his van. However, his cheese is responsible for causing some very strange dreams.