Love/Hate Season 5  

6 x 52’ 

LOVE/HATE returns for a fifth season. Nidge (Tom Vaughan Lawlor) is once again king of all he surveys. The debilitating paranoia that grew from his guilt over Darren, over Linda, over everything he’s done has passed as he has narrowly avoided prison following Detective Inspector Moynihan’s surveillance operation.

Nidge’s narrow escape has focused his mind. No longer tormented by guilt and regret, he is on the verge of sealing the biggest deal of his career, but enemies are plotting his downfall. Moynihan is still determined to put him behind bars and Siobhan, out for revenge, will help him. Tommy is in a coma because of Nidge and she will risk everything to destroy her uncle for good this time.

Unfinished business also comes back to haunt him, he should have killed Patrick when he had the chance because now he is building an army against him. War looks inevitable, could this be Nidge’s last stand?

Total number of episodes 28 x 52’

Production Company:
An Octagon Films Production for RTÉ

ITV Global Distribution