The Crossing  

With unprecedented access, The Crossing tells the story of one month in the LÉ Samuel Beckett’s deployment in the southern Mediterranean. It shows the reality for both the naval crew and the migrants as their worlds meet in the middle of the sea, often in the most difficult of circumstances.

The European migrant crisis is one of the pivotal stories of this generation. For the past eighteen months, the Irish Naval Service has had a presence in the southern Mediterranean, tasked by the Irish Government to ensure that people desperate enough to attempt the crossing into Europe can be offered safe passage. So far, the crews of five Irish vessels have rescued over 14,000 people.

In late September 2016, the crew of the LÉ Samuel Beckett left their families and friends behind as they embarked on a three month deployment in the southern Mediterranean. Within days they were called into action and have so far saved well over 2000 lives during an extremely intensive period of rescues. With unprecedented access, this powerful and emotional film follows one of the busiest months for migrant rescue operations, and watches first-hand as the LÉ Samuel Beckett rushes to save the lives of
men, women and children in overcrowded, unseaworthy vessels.

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