RTÉ’s Head of Formats Takes Up Role as Director of its Primetime Soap

Tonyia Dowling Head of Formats at RTÉ is to pursue a new career ambition taking up the role of Director of the national broadcaster's primetime soap, ‘Fair City'.

Tonyia has been instrumental in creating an international profile for RTÉ and showcasing the Irish production sector through Format Farm, the pubcaster's format initiative. Format Farm successes to date include ‘The Hit' (VIP/Warner Bros),‘Date with Fate' (Tyrone /Fremantle), ‘Whose Holiday is it Anyway?' (Coco/DRG), and ‘The Takeover' (Toto/Sony Pictures Television).

Tonyia said: ”I am really proud that I have contributed to Ireland's growing reputation as a creative hot spot for TV formats. I am looking forward to seeing the industry continue to thrive with its new international focus and confidence.”

Director of RTÉ Global, Michelle Spillane said, “I would like to pay tribute to Tonyia and for her enormous contribution in making Format Farm the success that it is today and look forward to building on that success over the coming years”.

The role is to be replaced as Head of TV Formats for RTÉ Global as RTÉ expands its format initiative, Format Farm, from a once a year endeavour to a rolling 12 month scheme.

Michelle Spillane says, “This will allow for greater development and open up opportunities for more home grown formats in the schedule from the Irish Independent sector and to more effectively serve evolving market needs”.

Piloting will continue to be a central feature of Format Farm and the initiative will be expanded to encompass a pre-pilot development stage.