RTÉ Programme Sales has announced its first ever slate of kids programming available to the global market.

Highlights of the new slate includes six new live action series, the first four,Wonder What, Let's Find Out, Insiders, Body Brothers,were all produced by Stop.watch forRTÉ. Wild Kidswas produced byregional Irish indieGMarsh TVandSquad Goalsby Kite Entertainment. All are live action or studio basededucational titles focusing on nature, science, sport and the human body to help keep young minds educated during school lockdowns and beyond.

Meanwhile, due to the success ofHome School HubandAfter School Hub in March 2020, the programming blockswill make a return to RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player today, delivering three hours of television daily, with a mix of new material and previously aired shows, offering a helping hand to parents.

Edel Edwards, head of programme sales at RTÉ Programme Sales, said: ‘RTÉjr is an incredible resource for children in Ireland and many RTEjr titles have already been broadcast in the International market so we are excited about launching our new slate.Much of this will be part of the Home School Hub offering which we are proud to launch today to domestic and international audiences.'

Wonder What(29 x 6') andLet's Find Out(20 x 15') are aimed at the younger audience and tries to answer questions about how things work and satisfy the curious young mind.Let's Find Outtakes a more scientific approach and with the help of two scientists use experiments to demonstrate the answers.

Insiders(10 x 11') explores the science behind “cool” events that children love to see such as a thrilling trip to one of Europe's most exciting theme park and experts are there to show the genius that goes in to making these events happen.

Body Brothers(30 x 11.5') are fascinated by the most amazing machine in the universe: the human body! They love coming up with dances about different body parts - from the brain to the bum! A lot can happen in a Body Brothers episode, but it always ends with a dance.

Wild Kids(15 x 15') asks the audience to jointhe Wildlife Warriors as they explore different habitats up and down the country, from the coast to the city, discovering the plants, animals, bugs, birds, and bees that live around us

Squad Goals(26 x 24') is asport/challenge-based kid's quiz show. Teams must work together to win each round and are always playing for time. The more time they get on the clock the longer they can stay in the competition. The team who comes out on top in the finale wins the show and has the chance to take on the Leap of Faith to win the ultimate prize.

Dee Forbes, RTÉ Director-General, says:"We are pleased to expandRTE'Seducational programming for children and students as they continue to learn remotely. Our aim is to assist parents, children and educators by ensuring that all children and students can access curriculum-based learning, and complementary content, through our broadcasts and digital channels. We will also be offering opportunities to hear from parents, educators and students with new slots and shows in the weeks ahead.”

About RTÉ Programme Sales

RTÉ Programme Sales exploits Irish content across all genres, including drama, documentaryformats & now kids, offering distinctive, high-quality content for broadcast on content platforms of all types worldwide. RTÉ Programme Sales represents a network of top Irish producers, both in-house and independent, whose quality content attracts global audiences.

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