June 2020

The Irish Revolution, lifestyle and award-winning docs drive uptick in sales

RTÉ Programme Sales has closed a string of deals with broadcasters across Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia for its premium factual programming.

Tyrone Productions and Create One’s landmark documentary seriesThe Irish Revolution(3 x 60 mins) has been acquired by Finland’s state broadcaster YLE and France’s TF1 Histoire TV. Narrated by Cillian Murphy ofPeaky Blindersfame, the 4K produced HD series tells the gripping story of how, against all odds, a small group of rebels forced the UK, then the world’s most powerful nation, to withdraw from Ireland in the wake of the First World War. The critically acclaimed documentary features rarely-seen archive footage, first-hand witness accounts, 3-D CGI mapping, dramatic visuals and contributions from some of Ireland’s finest writers and historians.

Global demand has also been strong for two home-renovation series fronted by Ireland’s top TV architect, Dermot Bannon.Incredible Homes,in which Bannon visits fabulous and unusual living spaces in the world’s coolest capitals, has been picked up by Canada’s TLN, South Africa’s The Home Channel, Australia’s Foxtel and BBC Poland.Room to Improvehas also been sold to The Home Channel and Foxtel. Now in its 12thseason on RTÉ, the series sees Bannon apply his creativity to an array of properties, some presenting quirkier challenges than others.

Another Irishman charming the world is food writer, television presenter, food photographer and YouTuber Donal Skehan.Donal’s Meals in Minuteshas been acquired by Hong Kong’s TVB and Australia’s Liftstyle Food,. Skehan serves up a range of recipes in each episode, from speedy salads through tasty weeknight meals to lunchbox treats. Meanwhile Donal’s Kitchen Hero has been acquired by Australia’s SBS Food which has picked it up as part of a culinary programming package & Donal’s Cook Eat Burn has been picked up by TLN Canada.

Edel Edwards, head of programme sales at RTÉ Programme Sales, said: “For years, we’ve represented the best of Ireland’s producers on the international market, delivering and overseeing third-party strategies for format and scripted deals, and pushing our factual fare as far and wide as possible. And that role has never been more important than it is right now, as we work to keep our incredibly talented Irish producers in business — and our broadcast partners supplied with a pipeline of premium content. These latest deals are a tribute to the diversity and creative quality that’s baked into Irish content.”

About RTÉ Programme Sales

RTÉ Programme Sales exploits Irish content across all genres, including drama, documentary and formats, offering distinctive, high-quality content for broadcast on content platforms of all types worldwide. RTÉ Programme Sales represents a network of top Irish producers, both in-house and independent, whose quality content attracts global audiences.