RTÉ reality TV show Date with Fate

Tyrone Productions, the Irish owned independent television production company, and FremantleMedia, one of the largest creators, producers and distributors of television brands in the world, has secured a major international format sale for their reality TV show, Date with Fate.

First piloted on RTÉ television in February 2013, Date with Fate was created by Tyrone Productions and co-financed by FremantleMedia and RTÉ as part of RTÉ's Format Farm initiative.

Showcased at MIPTV 2013 in Cannes, the show attracted substantial international attention and has since signed its first format sale to key Ukrainian commercial broadcaster 1+1 Group, where it is now being produced as part of a 12 part series of one hour shows.

Advanced talks to sell the Date with Fate show format are currently underway between global production and distribution house, FremantleMedia, with broadcasters around the world.

Date with Fate is a unique TV dating show which gives singletons the chance to scrutinise what their romantic future may hold, even before they set eyes on their date – they choose potential partners based on photos aged up by 30 years. They also face real life visions of their possible futures together including computer generated images of their potential off-spring and negotiating the minefield of cooking for the in-laws!'

Noleen Golding, Executive Producer with Tyrone Productions, says "We are blown away by the incredible reaction that we have received from the international market to Date with Fate. We believe that the Date with Fate show format has universal appeal that entertains and engages audiences of all nationalities.”

RTÉ's ‘Format Farm' is a new format development initiative which aims to support Irish production companies to develop and pilot their original tv formats both for Irish audiences and for international export. Date with Fate was produced in Tyrone Productions' Northern Ireland office with investment from Northern Ireland Screen.