March 2019

Dublin, March14th, 2019

RTÉ Programme Sales and Vision Independent Productions’ (VIP) have closed a second-series deal with Welsh production company Cwmni Da for multimedia event format Operation Transformation (8 x 60 mins), which has been given the greenlight by Welsh public broadcaster S4C.

S4C’s second-season commission of RTÉ’s flagship health-and-fitness makeover format follows the success of the first series. The new Welsh-language series, which will feature contributions from the Football Association of Wales (FAW), mental-health charity MIND, Bangor University, Public Health Wales and Parkrun Wales and The Welsh Government will roll out on S4C from April 2nd in an 8pm hour long slot.

Operation Transformation, a 360-degree project that spans television, radio and online, sees a fitness instructor, dietician and psychologist help five people known as “leaders” in the show to turn around their mental and physical health. Viewers are also invited to make positive changes to their own lifestyle by picking a leader that most resembles them and following the same diet and exercise regime available online and on the shows App. The format has just finished its 12th season on RTÉ One, where it has been on air since 2007. A consistent ratings-winner, the finale of the 2019 season on February 27 attracted 409,000 viewers, representing an 35% share.

Building on the success of Operation Transformation, a Welsh-language remake of a second VIP quiz format — Division (20 x 30mins + 1X 60mins) — also launched on S4C on 20th February 2019 in an 8.30pm slot. It first aired on RTÉ in 2013. In Division 32 players meet for the first time on the studio floor. They are randomly divided into two teams of 16 and go to two large rooms on the set. In the rooms the players are covered on fix rig cameras, reality style. Here as a team they have to select one player to represent them in the first round of the quiz. They find out the subject the questions will be based on and then as a group they decide who will represent the teams knowing that if they fail the whole team is out of the show…No Pressure! While the two players face the questions those left in the rooms get very excited as they see their destiny in the game unfold.

When the losing team exit the show the 16 players from the winning team divide again into two teams of 8 and again only one team will survive and those 8 players will divide again into two teams of 4.

The Welsh version has half-hour episodes and each episode begins with the same sixteen players who are cast for the series.

Neville Hughes, executive producer for Cwmni Da, said: “We are so pleased with the reaction we've had to the FFITCymru (Operation Transformation) format here in Wales - one of the highest raters for S4C in 2018. It's been great to work closely with VIP on the editorial side of things too, gaining from their wealth of experience throughout the years. Rhannu (Divison) also allows for great casting which in turn helps create a strong show about people that the audience can relate to”.

Philip Kampff, founder of VIP, said: “Neville Hughes and his team at Cwmni Da have produced great versions of our two formats. They have shown how to successfully adapt a show to a different market while protecting and enhancing the uniqueness of the formats. Operation Transformation is a huge undertaking, and Cwmni Da are not only delivering a show but a food and fitness plan for Wales. Division is so different from your average TV quiz bringing reality and studio together and Neville’s team have taken our broadcast pilot and turned it into a great series”.

Grainne McAleer, RTÉ’s head of lifestyle, said: “Operation Transformation is the perfect example of ‘entertainment with a purpose’ — it combines great television with inspiration and information on how to live a healthier, happier life. The show has been a staple of RTÉ’s primetime schedule for the past 10 years, encouraging Irish viewers to recalibrate their approach to diet, lifestyle and exercise. With this second-season commission from S4C, we couldn’t be prouder that its impact on our Celtic cousins in Wales has been equally positive.”

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