May 2019

Magnify Media,the UK-baseddistribution and rights-management specialist, has reported the fourth major European format deal forKite Entertainment’sreality-fitness hitFittest Family, anRTÉ original commission.

Following another successful collaboration with Ricardo Ehrsam’s Maluc Entertainment, the companies have again joined forces to land a commission forFittest Family, this time from TV2 in Hungary.Magnify Media first acquired the rights toFittest Familyin 2017 and originally collaborated withMaluc Entertainmentto make the first sale of the format toChilean network Chilevisión owned by Turner Latin America.

Hungarian broadcasterTV2 has commissioned a minimum 20 episode runwith the local titleFUSS CSALÁD, FUSS!orRun, Family, Run!.Premiering alsothis week is the Croatian version on RTL Croatia and the Slovenian version on Planet TV, both debuting22 x 50’ plus a1 x 100’ specialepisode run. This comes just ahead of the keenly anticipated 4 x 90 mins German version for Sat 1.

Gábor Fischer, programming director at TV2 Hungary said:‘This show is all aboutcourage, bravery and joining forces, characteristics that appeal strongly to Hungarian audiences. The combination of pitting regular people, celebrities and of all capabilities against each other requires just one common factor and that’s commitment as a family. We’ve seen how this show gets bigger and better each year in Ireland and how now it’s becoming huge throughout Europe, we’re very excited to meet Hungary’s first Fittest Family.’

OriginallydevisedbyJames Sexton and Davy FitzgeraldFittestFamilyisproducedbyKiteEntertainmentwithAnimoTVforRTÉ One. Currently in pre-production on its seventh season andplayingin RTÉ’s flagship Sunday evening slot, thelastseriespulled in record-breaking audiences that culminated in a nail-bitingfinale.

Fittest Family
sees12 mega-fit families competein a series of physical tests and challengesto win the coveted title of ‘Fittest Family’, along with life-changing cash prize. Four local sports legends mentor the contestants to help them achieve their personal best. Unlike many superficial talent and reality formats, the focus is on promoting family values and the concept of working together to achieve a goal, while also having fun and keeping fit.

Planet TV in Slovenia also optioned the rights to the Balkan region as well as the series commission that launches this week, includingSerbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia.Fittest Familyhas also been optionedin a string of other European territories, including Spain by iZen, Sweden by Jarowskij, Denmark by Mastiff, Finland by Banijay, Norway by Monday Media and the Benelux by Sputnik TV.

Andrea Jackson,CEO of Magnify Media said: “This format is starting to catch fire with four new commissions this year alone. With the show now optioned across the Balkans and Western Europe we are very much continuing to fan the flames.Fittest Familyis the Olympics of formats, it tests both mental and physical agility and a family’s ability to work together. One of our strengths at Magnify is to sellterritory by territory to embrace the national identities and characteristics of the families of different countries, it’s a fascinating journey.’