All in Good Time 2017

Age Group 6 - 12
“All In Good Time” is about the friendship that develops between Malachy, an Irish boy who lives on the West coast of Ireland in 1917 and Sam, a mixed-race Irish girl who lives in the same place in 2017. They are magically able to communicate across the ages through messages in a bottle which they throw into the sea. Their parents are too busy or sceptical to believe them but they don’t care: they’re having too much fun learning about each other’s world and sending each other surprising things through the bottle. Sam is also able to help Malachy confront an older boy who bullies him with the help of some modern intervention. But when it looks like Sam’s parents will have to move away due to financial struggles, Malachy comes up with a time-twisting plan to solve the problem.

1 x 15'

Production Company

Dyehouse Films




Kids, Drama