Alva’s World

Still 1

Age Group 3 - 6
Alva’s World is a fun, irreverent show for older preschoolers which sees our pint-sized heroine pitted against the plots of three duplicitous dunderheads – the Trolls of Gizmo. The show aims to provide a much-needed set of water-wings for a generation of children who will find themselves at the deep end of life online in a few short years. Gizmo is the world that echoes the internet environment and social-media landscape, with all its wonders and risks. Alva’s World is the systems upgrade for the current preschool generation of digital natives.

52 x 11’

Production Company

<b>Mutiple for RTÉ</b><br>Bear with Me - Studio Meala<br>Da Humbug - Flickerpix<br>Little - Alt Animation<br>The Wee Littles: Christmas Eve Eve - Magpie 6<br>Critters TV: Tiny's Santa List - Turnip & Duck<br>Mistletoe & Stubbs - JAM<br>Urban Tails: The Big Christmas Song- Pink Kong<br>An Oíche is Speisialta- Studio 9<br>Naughty vs Nice- Treehouse Republic<br>Gunter Falls in Love - Cardell


Wild Brain


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