Can't Cope Wont Cope

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We meet Aisling after she’s had her soul sucked out of her by mallow town for an entire summer. She has a job in a local financial establishment, but in typical Aisling style she throws in the towel at the first signs of trouble.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, Danielle is really struggling. There is no-one at her side to roll her eyes at when the super-politically-conscious Canadians do stupid things like create gardening utensils out of used condoms. While Danielle is ignoring Aisling, Ferg is ignoring Danielle and no one understands why this is happening.

Aisling’s tactic is to plow on, replace her co-dependent pal with new house mate Joe, a super on-trend but surprisingly deep gay weight-lifter from the northside of Dublin. Danielle returns only to realise she isn’t comfortable falling back into old patterns and Lorraine is intolerant of Aisling’s inability to make rent.

Season 2 gives Aisling and Danielle all of the opportunities to get where they want to go… if only they could make better decisions.

12 x 30'

Production Company

A Deadpan Pictures Production for RTÉ. Distributed by Content Media UK


Programme Sales, Drama