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Catherine's Family Kitchen
8 x 26'

In this series Catherine Fulvio is returning from her Italian travels to her Irish roots to reinvent family cooking. She's combining her two favourite passions - cooking and teaching. Steeped in the Italian tradition, Catherine knows how good food brings family and friends together and she'll be using the best of our ingredients to create great food for dinners, picnics, barbecues and birthday parties.

From a sumptuous Sunday lunch to tasty meals in minutes, glamorous dinner parties to handy freezer food, Catherine's Family Kitchen will give every family ideas and tips on how to create easy, tasty recipes that still impress. Delicious recipes include roast beef with an Asian influence, fast and easy lemon mousse with strawberry swirls and barbecue favourite - tandoori lamb burgers.

Production Company:
RTÉ Cork

Catherine's Italian Kitchen
8 x 25'

Don't expect a list of weights and measurements, that's not Catherine Fulivo's style! Instead sit back and enjoy a distillation of the spirit of Southern Italy in this brand new eight-part series. Each programme will feature three recipes, all linked by colourful films from the area, featuring the characters and the places that make the food landscape complete, visiting markets, seaports and vineyards and meeting locals in their homes and villas.

Production Company:
RTÉ Cork

Catherine's Roman Holiday
8 x 25'

Top chef Catherine Fulvio returns to celebrate and share with us the food and food ethos of one of the world's great gastronomical centres in Catherine's Roman holiday. Catherine is our insider; she is the person who will get us access to the family homes and great restaurants of Rome and Italy.

This time the emphasis will be on family food and Catherine will visit Italian families to get them to give up their secrets of handed down recipes. She wants to find inspiration from the city that invented the idea of modern food, as we know it - a city that has more Michelin starred restaurants than any other - for so long the centre of the gastronomical world.

There will be plenty of fun in the sun as Catherine, on her vespa, will criss-cross the eternal city, visiting friends, chefs, teachers, looking for inspiration in the markets, restaurants and homes of Romans.

Production Company:
An RTÉ Cork Production in association with Good Food UK

24 x 25'


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