Celebrity Wild Trials

Become a wildlife photographer for a week. That’s the challenge facing five celebrities who must travel to some of the remotest corners of their country to track down and photograph wild and elusive native animals.

It’s a competition amongst peers, as the best photograph (and celebrity photographer) is picked for a very special mission.

Exposed to the elements and away from their glamorous lifestyle, the viewer sees a different side to their favourite star. With a stunning wildlife backdrop from bison, bears and bats, this series aims to feature a nation’s wildlife and wilderness in a new and compelling way.

The best photograph sees the winning celebrity photographer off on a wildlife adventure of a lifetime, in a bid to capture a photo that will be used to help an endangered species, for a wildlife charity calendar.

This series rated above the slot average for Adults ABC1

4 series have been commissioned for RTÉ

A 2nd series of a children’s version of the format has also been commissioned for RTÉ JR.

24 x 25’

Production Company

A Crossing the Line Films Produciton for RTÉ





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