Cheap Irish Homes

The popular property programmes returns where presenter Maggie Molloy is on a mission to find more of Ireland’s most reasonably priced properties.

From forgotten farmhouses to bargain bungalows, Maggie and her co-presenter, Building Engineer Kieran McCarthy, travel all over Ireland showing properties with potential to buyers on a budget.

As house prices rise, Maggie and Kieran want to show that there is still great value to be had if you look in the right places.

Production Company:
S1: An AV3 Production for RTÉ
S2: A Cameo Productions for RTÉ
S3: A Cameo Production for RTÉ
S4: A Cameo Production for RTÉ

23 x 30'

Production Company

AV3 Production S1, Cameo Productions S2, S3, S4


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