Date with Fate

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Format Farm Broadcast Pilot. Imagine you were single and you had the unique opportunity to take a look in a romantic crystal ball and see how life might possibly look 30 years down the track with a potential partner? It’s the ultimate speed date. Well this format gives one singleton that unique opportunity in Date With Fate, the new dating show that takes the chance out of romance.

One girl will get to whittle six guys down to two as she searches for Mr Right. She’ll get to see what her future could possibly look like with each of the last two men standing, if they were to hook up long term.

Using extensive research, career assessment, family history, background chats, goals and aspirations, we create two very different future homes. Our single girl, along with each of the two final guys, will get to tour the house that reflects their future together.

When they open the door to each house, they will be greeted with computer-generated photos of their potential offspring, and pictures of their wedding day grace the mantelpiece. Was it a castle in Tuscany or a simple civil ceremony at the local registry office? A look out front will reveal if it’s a Jaguar or a second hand Ford Fiesta in the driveway?

Back from the future, and astounded at two possible lifestyles, our singleton must now make her choice based on what she’s seen and learnt about the two guys. Who will she ditch? And who will she date?

1 x 60'


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