Face The Music

Face The Music is an exciting 3-part observational documentary series that follows the students and teachers of The Royal Irish Academy of Music during a pivotal year in its 175- year history.

We join Deborah Kelleher, director of the RIAM at the start of the new academic year as she deals with significant delays to a €25 million building project that has already experienced significant overruns due to the pandemic and the rising costs of building materials.

Undeterred, Deborah knows as the leader of this internationally renowned institution that that the show must go on.

Throughout this 3-part series we meet the students and teachers that dedicate their lives to pursuit of excellence in music. If classical music seemed elitist in the past, Deborah is doing her utmost to break down barriers and make it accessible to everybody

3 x 60'

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An Animo Production for RTÉ


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