Farmer In Charge

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When a Farmer takes over the business, surely everything’s destined to grow? Every successfully trading Farmer in Ireland is a high functioning CEO of his/her very own multi-faceted corporation.
From Production Planning to HR, Materials Management to Marketing, Distribution and Sales, HR to Health & Safety… the Farmers do it all. They manage the books and muck out the stalls, they’re hands-on and hands down the most multi-skilled managers in Global Business. And they inhabit a world where their business is an all-consuming 24 hour operation. So isn’t it time that these diligent, no-nonsense men and women of the soil are recognised for their unique skills...and encouraged to share them? Each week Farmer in Charge places a successful Farmer at the helm of an ailing business to reappraise and restructure operations with the aim of turning that business towards profit In every self contained episode a Farmer, takes a no nonsense agricultural approach to help an ailing business. The business owners and employees are suddenly faced with a ‘Farmer Boss’ who’s all-over-everything and hyper-practical in approach…working life is set to get a whole lot different with a Farmer in Charge.




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