Missing - Beyond The Vanishing Triangle

For decades, rumours of a so-called Vanishing Triangle, stretching across Ireland, have circulated in the media and the broader public at large. It suggests that the disappearances of young women during the 1990’s are somehow mysteriously linked by geography, circumstances and even perpetrator. Without a body or a crime scene, a missing person case can be extremely difficult to solve.

For the first time, this landmark two-part series critically examines the idea of a Vanishing Triangle and raises fresh questions about the investigations. Often these missing women cases remain classified for decades as a missing person rather than a murder inquiry. Most remain unsolved to this day- leaving families in the dark, looking for answers, and calling for the cases to be upgraded to murder.

Featuring in-depth interviews with investigating gardai, family members and journalists, it re-examines the question of whether a serial killer may have been at large and shines a spotlight on cases involving female victims of crime.

2 x 60'

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