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A window on real life separations, Missing You is about the lengths families and friends will go to maintain and nurture relationships with their loved ones in spite of vast geographical distance.

This format captures their stories and witnesses their relationships all through the confines of video calls. Viewers see firsthand the intimacy, the honesty, the highs of everyday life, the lows, as well as the complexities of missing home.

Missing You is unique – it is the first series in the world to be created exclusively from video calls, user generated stills and videos. The programme gives the audience unfiltered and unprecedented access to the participant’s lives and shows that, though they may be far apart physically, their emotional ties remain as strong as ever.

By recording the video conversations of our group, as they call home to their friends and family, we experience everything with them, from big announcements to unexpected moments of everyday magic – a wife far from her husband’s side; a brother and sister experiencing the cycle of life; and a daughter introducing her new son to her family back home.

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