My Best Shot

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My Best Shot is the new comedy dating show in which singles rate each other’s awkward family photos in an attempt to find a life partner. In the show, four girls and four guys - separated by a huge projection screen – have to rely on family photos from the past to evaluate a potential date. Has that awkward looking teen tuned into a goddess? Is that annoying looking snotty kid now a hunk?

The guys and girls confer before pressing their touchscreen and eliminating a potential partner from the other side of the screen. When they are eliminated the guys and girls get the chance for some sweet revenge with the dramatic reveal of their ‘Best Shot’: a highly styled, sexy portrait of themselves taken by award winning photographer. By the end of the show just one girl and one guy are left. They are the winners, and become the ONLY guy and girl to meet, which happens when the screen finally raises and their ‘Best Shots’ are replaced by them in the flesh. My Best Shot uses scientifically unsound, and deeply illogical techniques to help singles find true love.




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