Neven’s Italian Food Trails

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In this series, Neven’s Italian Food Trails, Neven Maguire travels from Venice on the Adriatic Coast, to Sorrento on the Mediterranean, visiting Parma, Modena, Florence and Tuscany.

Along the way, Ireland’s hugely popular chef learns about some of the wonderful food and drink that have made Italian cuisine so popular around the world, including parmesan cheese, pasta, Parma ham, Prosecco, olive oil, coffee and Chianti. Neven enjoys street food beside a race track, he is shown how to cook the perfect risotto by a Michelin star chef, and he is taught how to make the perfect cappuccino by Italy’s champion barista.

But Neven’s series is not all about food - he takes some interesting trips as well: a water taxi up the Grand Canal, a microlight flight over Parma, truffle-hunting in Tuscany and a spin round a racem track in a Ferrari. And of course throughout this new six part series, Neven demonstrates msome recipes inspired by his journey, including a classic Ragu, a Peach and Amaretti Cake, Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham, and Chocolate and Hazelnut Semi-freddo.

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