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A cross-media event where five ordinary people change their lives forever and inspire the rest of the nation to do the same!

Operation Transformation is a movement, a connection point for people who want to improve their health by rebalancing their lives. It’s very social, it empowers people to connect and support each other and it has managed to grow its engagement each year because it’s built on a very simple premise, follow people who are transforming their lives, connect with them and as they do it, copy their plan and share the journey.

Operation Transformation is a living event, it’s in real time so people are encouraged to choose a leader most like them and follow their plan, take the shopping list to the store, cook the food and do the exercise by following the videos online. Operation Transformation works with the biggest supermarket chains to make it easy to shop the plan.

For the five leaders the cameras move into their lives 24/7 capturing their highs and lows, honestly showing transformation can be a tough journey emotionally and physically. There are no winners or losers; this show is about encouragement and community. People share their transformation so others can follow.

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