Origins Of The Irish

Why are the oldest Irish human remains less than 10,000 years old when just 100 kms away in Britain, human traces go back 700,000 years? Did the first Irish arrive overland on an ice bridge, or on a small fragile boat blown ashore by the winds of chance?

Broadcaster Diarmuid Gavin travels to the heart of Africa and beyond in a quest to find the very origins of the Irish people. Who are the Irish and whose blood flows in our veins?

A landmark documentary and winner of an Irish Film & TV Award, ‘Origins of the Irish’ explores the most fundamental questions about the Irish population; who were the first people to settle here and where did they come from?

The series combines cutting edge science, the latest archaeology and superb visuals to bring this enthralling topic to our screens.

1 x 52'

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A Crossing the Line Production for RTÉ


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