Pope Francis : The Sinner

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The Pope who calls himself ‘a sinner’ is, certainly, a man of contradictions. But how did Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who was loved and loathed by his fellow Jesuits back in Argentina, become Pope?

In just two years, Pope Francis has begun to revolutionise a Church that was in crisis and losing its way. Pope Francis’ down to earth style and concern for those on the margins, have roused affection from believers and non-believers alike. But he wasn’t always as popular as he is today.

Hearing from Argentinean Jesuits who lived with him, this programme explores his reputation as a hard-line authoritarian Provincial who divided the Jesuits.

Can Pope Francis do what Bergoglio, the Jesuit Provincial, couldn’t do – unite and reform a fractured Church? Leading Church figures and commentators help to offer a portrait of a Pope who is having impact, not despite his past failings but because of them.

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