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Recruits is a fly-on-the wall documentary giving viewers an authentic insight into what life is like for a group of determined young men and women as they pursue their lifelong dream – to become a soldier.

For the first time cameras have been given unprecedented behind the scenes access with the new recruits in the Irish Defense Force as they face the most grueling challenge of their lives, 17 weeks of training that will push them to their absolute limits.

Out of thousands who apply, only a few hundred are selected and we follow a 40-strong platoon as they immediately face weeks of the most intense and punishing training imaginable. Once it starts, the harsh reality of army life kicks in and for some the culture shock will be just too much. Strict discipline, little sleep and constantly increasing physical and mental demands test even the toughest of recruits to their very limits. Some of them will fall along the way but many thrive, finding reserves of strength and endurance they never thought possible.

2 x 60'

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A Moondance Production for RTÉ


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