Return of the Eagles

This wildlife series follows the trial the trials of three teams bringing wild birds of prey back to Ireland after an absence of over 100 years. It is the most important Irish wildlife story in decades - the return of some of the largest birds of prey ever to darken Irish skies, the White Tailed Eagle, the Golden Eagle and the Red Kite.

From scaling cliffs in the wilds of Norway, Scotland and Wales on the hunt for new chicks, to hiring planes to fly them home, to nursing them through the first crucial months of freedom, the reintroduction involves a vast amount of work for a team of highly trained specialists. It follows their triumphs and tragedies as they track the birds from capture abroad through the first months of their release in Ireland. With radio & satellite tags, the guardians follow the released birds' progress across the country and wait and hope they will survive through their first winter.

World-class wildlife photography, unfolding dramatic storylines, strong human & animal interest, important environmental, cultural and heritage themes - all combine to make this a compelling and important series with appeal for a very wide audience.

4 x 30'

Production Company

A Crossing the Line Films Production for RTÉ


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