Six in the City

Still 1

Six go 'treble' dating as three wildly socially incompatible couples compete to show each other the ultimate Big Night Out' in their home City in order to win an expenses-paid European City Break of their dreams! This format has all the ingredients for a spectacular clash of cultures and taste, where one couple’s idea of a fun night out on the town is another couple’s idea of hell!

It all adds up to Reality TV ‘comedy of manners’ as the couples terrorise each other with their hilariously mismatched social agendas. As nights out progress, over three consecutive weekends the strained politeness turns to incredulity, incredulity to annoyance and annoyance ratchets up into major uncomfortable tensions with the viewer entranced in the ultimate spectator television!

The nights out can be in three different cities but the format can also be adapted to feature 3 different couples showing off their itinerary for a great night out in the same city.

6 x 60'

Production Company

Format Created by Waka Television with the support of RTÉ


Supported and Distributed by FremantleMedia


Formats, Factual Entertainment