Sugar Crash

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In this one off documentary Dr.Eva Orsmond investigates Ireland’s consumption of sugar and explores the latest research on serious health problems and their link to excessive sugar use. Dr. Eva finds out how we can cut back on our excessive use of sugar as she charts the progress of a family who are stunned to find out how much sugar is lurking in their ‘normal’ diet.

Added sugar is public enemy No.1 in the Western diet. We are all over consuming and Ireland is the fourth highest consumer of sugar in the world but very few of us know how much sugar we are eating, which is, on average, 24 teaspoons a day. The World Health Organisation is worried about sugar. It recommends we cut our consumption to less than 6 teaspoons a day for health benefits.

This documentary reveals the shocking cost of our sugar habit in hospital admissions, long term illness and premature death. As the children of today face a shorter life expectancy than their parents this programme tells the story that we all need to understand if we want to change that stark prediction.

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