The Nobody Zone

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In a forgotten London underworld, a homeless Irishman Kieran Kelly killed multiple times without detection, unseen in a world where nobody seemed to care.

But following his arrest in 1983 for the relatively minor theft of a wedding ring, Kelly admitted to a series of brutal murders going back 30 years. The audio tape of that original 1983 police interview with Kieran Kelly came to light recently – the only known recorded interview with an Irish serial killer. On tape, Kelly recounts his crimes with spine-chilling candour and convinces the police that they are in the presence of Ireland and the UK’s most prolific and dangerous killer.

Ned Dennehy plays Kelly in a dramatisation of his extraordinary confession that uses the killer's own voice from the actual police audio interview, with the actor lip-synching to bring to life this incredible scene of a serial killer describing his crimes.

This extraordinary interview is the starting point for this television series exploring the twilight world of Kieran Kelly – who gained notoriety as the London Underground serial killer. The television series follows the award-winning Podcast The Nobody Zone.

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