The Genius of George Boole

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Narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons, The Genius of George Boole assembles academics and industry leaders from across the globe to explore the life and importance of one of the world’s greatest mathematicians and unsung heroes. This film shines new light on the legacy of George Boole, now recognised as the forefather of the information age.

Born in 1815, from his humble background as a cobbler’s son from Lincoln, England, Boole’s genius became apparent from a young age. Without a university education and given his family background, finding a role within the formal structures of British society was challenging for the young Boole.
This film looks back at how and why the newly-founded Queen’s College, Cork (now known as UCC) opened in 1849, provided him with a job as its first Professor of Mathematics and, in turn, the financial resources to support his family back in England.

World-renowned film producer, Lord David Puttnam, sets the scene for the film by posing the question: “Is George Boole important?” Puttnam continues: “I guess, no George Boole, no Google, no Amazon, no Intel. That makes him pretty important,” emphasising how this unknown mathematician is indeed a key figure in our global age.

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