The Ghost of Roger Casement

On a warm August morning in 1916, a tall bearded man mounted the gallows at Pentonville Prison, England to face a lonely & damp; dishonourable death. This was a man who had abandoned the British Empire and now the Empire had abandoned him. With rumours rife of his appalling deeds in far off places, few former friends & admirers were with him in his hour of greatest need. The death of Roger Casement was a tragedy for Britain, Ireland & civilised society everywhere - the public execution and disgrace of one of the world's first great humanitarians, a Consul & Knight of the British Empire, a man who defended the rights of millions of oppressed people from Africa to the deepest Amazon. A British Consul who rebelled and fought for Irish Independence. This is the story of Casement, his life, remarkable achievements, his terrible disgrace and his death. The film will be a modern detective story looking at how history is made and how passions still run deep between those who believe Casement was one of the great figures of the early 20th century and those who regard him as a traitor and paedophile. As new research is about to be carried out into the famous Black Diaries which ulitimately destroyed him, there is now a tremendous opportunity to tell the true story of Roger Casement.

1 x 60'

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A Crossing the Line Films Production for RTÉ


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