The Girl at the End of the Garden 2018

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Age Group 8 - 12
‘The Girl at the End of the Garden’ is about the culture clash that happens between two girls; Lucy and ‘Z’ (pronounced Zed) who come from different worlds. Lucy is an unruly, salt-of-the earth girl living in Dublin. Zed is a mysterious, girl who shows up in Lucy’s garden. She’s full of crazy stories and unpredictable behaviour. Eventually, Zed tells Lucy her secret. Zed has run away from a government facility where she was being experimented on in order to give her superpowers. It’s worked too since Zed seems able to move things with only the power of her mind. Lucy agrees to hide Zed in her house, keeping it a secret from her mother, but this proves harder than she imagined. And as government officials close in on Zed’s location, things spin out of control… The truth finally comes out; Zed (full name; Zedaya) has actually run away from a direct provision facility she lives in with her parents. She has no super-powers, it was just a trick taught to her by her father. Although both girls have to give up the comforting fantasy they’ve constructed to help them cope, their friendship helps them face the harsh realities of life together.

1 x 15'

Production Company

Dyehouse Films




Kids, Drama