The Walk Of Life

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Can the mind actually heal the body? In this special a group of cancer survivors walk the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain to overcome the emotional scars of their brush with death. Together they are walking this traditional pilgrim journey to the tomb of the Apostle St James, but as well as prayers, they will also be using mindfulness practices.

Clinical psychologist Paul D’Alton has brought this group of cancer survivors together to teach them mindfulness on the Camino. Together they will walk the Camino mindfully to overcome their fear of death and learn to celebrate life to the full. Paul has taught mindfulness to hundreds of cancer patients, as studies show that it aids emotional and physical healing.

During the six days, the group will walk in the footsteps of millions of other pilgrims who have journeyed together over the last 1000 years. Their aim is to reach the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostella in time for pilgrim mass. But it’s along the 110km journey that they begin to find answers to the many profound questions they’ve been asking themselves post cancer.

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