There's Something about Patrick

Every year on March 17th millions of people worldwide take to the streets to celebrate our patron saint - he banished snakes, brought Christianity to Ireland and explained it with shamrock, all the while dressed in green and carrying a gold crozier. But in reality - he was probably a Welshman, there were never any snakes to banish, the shamrock was more likely a pagan symbol, St Patrick's colour was blue and Christianity reached Ireland while Patrick was still a slave on an Irish hillside.

There's Something About Patrick will see comedian Neil Delamere travel the country to meet experts, historians and St Patrick's Day revellers, to discover the truth about our patron saint. Along the way he'll take to the stand-up stage to share his observations about St Patrick, while comedy sketches will show an entirely new side to Patrick.

Not content to just separate the truth about Patrick from the myth, Neil will physically get to grips with life in Ireland during Patrick's time. He'll experience pagan customs, wrangle snakes, get kidnapped and taken across rough seas, climb Croagh Patrick barefoot, eat, dress and travel like Patrick.

1 x 52’

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A Mind the Gap Films Production for RTÉ


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