Vogue Williams - On the Edge

Still 1

30-Year-Old Vogue investigates issues that effect the lives of her own Millennial Generation. A generation born into cheap on-line synthetic drugs, an obsessive reverence for ‘the body beautiful’ and a sharp rise in Body Dysmorphia, Gender Dysphoria and Social Anxiety Issues - now by far the number one mental health problem faced by under 35’s in Ireland.

Vogue asks the questions, ‘can the war on drugs ever really be won?’ She meets drug addicts, an on-line drug dealer and examines what exactly is in our modern drugs. She follows the story of Jack, a 26-year-old transman reaching the later stages of his transition – dealing with massive bodily changes triggered by testosterone treatment and preparing for his first major surgery –
a hysterectomy.

She investigates the growing problem of over-exercising, steroid abuse and extreme, orthorexic eating in ordinary gyms and sports clubs where the cult of the ripped is causing fitness sbsessives to embrace the needle. And finally Vogue shines a light on the real-world impact of online bullying, grooming, phishing, catfishing and scamming.

3 x 60'

Production Company

A WAKA Television Production for RTÉ




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