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“Whistleblower” tells the compelling and personal story of Irish Police Sergeant Maurice McCabe and his private family life which was catapulted into the limelight after he became the country’s most prominent police whistleblower.

Over the course of a decade, the story of Maurice McCabe shook the establishment and rippled through the highest echelons of society from the police force, through to the media and government. His complaints were dismissed and belittled, but he wouldn't be silenced and as time went on he found wrongdoing on a grand scale leading to shocking revelations of incompetence within the police force. This film shows how he subsequently came to be the victim of a whispering campaign that led to the establishment of a Tribunal of Inquiry which resulted in resignations from Government Ministers to Chief Police Commissioners.

"Whistleblower" chronicles Maurice McCabe's extraordinary battle for vindication - a battle that would change the Irish police force forever – but one which came with a great personal cost.

2 x 60' / 1 x 90'

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