Wild Cities

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Wild Cities is a fascinating four-part series set on the streets of Cork, Dublin, Galway and Belfast revealing each city’s wildest, yet most secretive residents – the wild animals that live there.

Filmed over three years using the most up-to-date camera technologies, infrared ‘night vision’ and super slow-motion, Wild Cities reveals an urban world teeming with wildlife in the most unexpected and unusual places.

As more and more people move into cities and towns we are losing our vital connection with the natural world. Across this series we will reveal the wildlife that we share our urban spaces with and the aim is to get people to open their eyes, look around them and enjoy the natural wonders the city has to offer. People will be surprised by what they can see right under their noses. It is all right there – on your way to work, on a night out, in your local park or in your very own back garden.

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Crossing the Line Production for RTÉ


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